Back into the Political Matrix

Just watching this first Election Debate was enough of an eye-opening experience as to how far out of the political Matrix I have journeyed out.

The two leaders, Jacinda Ardern (Labour) & Bill English (National), have both come to their respective parties’ leaderships in the last year, & both were hoping for a good performance in this debate, and they might have just done that for someone like Joe or Joanne Bloggs, but for someone like me, what both these leaders (&, if I’m honest, everyone else on the New Zealand political scene, as well) are spouting is the same old nonsense that wee have heard election after election for generations. National spouts the same old nonsense of “Economy this, economy that, economy the other thing”, Labour spouts the same old nonsense of “people this, people that, people the other thing” without genuinely meaning Our People, simply the abstract notion of People.

And I am really tired of it.

In the big scheme of things, New Zealand has some fairly fundamental problems, & if I manage to properly articulate that, then they will end up here. These are problems that I believe no politician (or anyone, for that matter) at this time is prepared to even look at, let alone confront.

More of that later on, though. The debate I found very boring, predictable, exactly what you would expect from these two. Next week comes the “Kiddies’ Table” debate with the leaders of the minor parties. Usually those are more entertaining, but I’m not too sure now. I might do a report on that, but for now I will be working on that backlog of posts I have been meaning to write for a while.